Effects of Gun Violence

After Losing Her Son to Gun Violence, Woman Loses Friends


Darla Saunders met Tia Pittman and Stanley Peck through a group she had created in memory of her son whom she lost to gun violence. After growing fond of the couple and their family, she received a phone call. The couple had been killed outside their duplex while their two young children were inside. The Tampa Bay Times wrote:

"Saunders was already in a pensive mood when her phone rang as she drove to work that morning. The previous day would have been her son Isaiah’s 33rd birthday, so this time of year is always difficult.

When Saunders picked up her ringing phone, Peck’s sister Germina screamed that her brother had been murdered. The family had gathered at Sterline Peck’s house in West Tampa.

Saunders’ heart pounded as she drove there."

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