Brady Florida, League of Women Voters, and Moms Demand Action Beat Back Sanctuary City Proposal


Brady Florida's Sarasota Chapter appeared at the Sarasota County Commission to fight a proposal to name the county a "second amendment sanctuary."

From the Herald-Tribune: Commission Chairman Charles Hines announced the 3-2 vote, with commissioners Ziegler and Alan Maio supporting the measure. Second Amendment sanctuary is a symbolic designation similar to “sanctuary cities,” where local officials don’t cooperate with immigration enforcement...

Carol Rescigno, the president of Brady Sarasota, the local chapter of the national gun violence prevention group, and several others spoke up against the resolution. Rescigno called the resolution an “empty gesture.”

“We already have a sanctuary state because few sensible gun laws make it to House or Senate floor,” said Rescigno. “I’m very happy this resolution didn’t pass.”

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