Laws and Loopholes

Brady Sarasota Kicks Off Bay Front Rallies


Brady's Sarasota Chapter kicked off it's grassroots actions this fall with a rally at the Bay Front. The rallies, held weekly for several years, are an important visual statement of strength by the group.

In the fall of 2018, Rep. Buchanan acknowledged their power in the community by agreeing to vote for H.R. 8, an act that would expand a Brady background check to nearly all gun transfers. While the vast majority of polls have shown the popularity of background checks to hover between 85%-93%, for years the NRA made voting for an expansion of the current system an unforgivable sin.

As shootings take an ever-growing toll on our country and the NRA's alleged ties to illegal Russian contributions into electoral campaigns become public knowledge, some conservative elected officials have become comfortable defying the once mighty gun lobby.