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Brady Urges Florida State Senate to Pass Alyssa's Law for School safety


Currently the Florida Senate is dragging its heels on passing common sense legislation to provide early detection and safety measure at schools in the state. Alyssa's Law, named after Alyssa Alhadeff, one of the victims at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, would establish silent alarms in Florida schools that would quickly and efficiently alert police to an active shooter situation.

In the wake of the devastating shooting in Parkland Florida many in the police community, technology firms, politicians and parents inquired about improved warning systems along with more effective gun control measures. Due to political stagnation most gun control efforts have remained stalled in the Florida State house. However, Alyssa's law is gaining more momentum, Alyssa's mother had join the Broward County school board to support the passing of the bill and bipartisan support has been gaining traction. Sadly current State Senate President Bill Galvano (R) and State Speaker of the House Jose Olivia (R) have been hesitant to allow the bill to continue from the House to the Senate.

What is most aggravating about the stall is that the bill itself does not explicitly mention guns, ammo, or gun control. It is a common sense measure that will ensure that in the future if an active shooter situation occurs that more people not only in the building can be notified and moved to safety but first responders can act faster and bring the situation to an accelerated conclusion. Faster response times leads to more lives being saved. Additionally in February of this year Brady applauded as New Jersey passed Alyssa's Law along with other common sense gun control measures. Write, Call and utilize social media to let Bill Galvano and Jose Olivia that at the very least they can allow Alyssa's law to move through the state legislation and be signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R)