Florida 'red flag' law has removed hundreds of guns: report


Florida's Red Flag law confiscates firearms from people who have committed gun violence or are determined to be at-risk, has thus far removed hundreds of firearms from Florida homes. Enforcement of this law has been inconsistent throughout the state.

Florida's Red Flag law was a bipartisan piece of legislation after the aftermath of Parkland.

Under this law, police agencies file a request to a civil judge citing evidence that the person in question has engaged in suspicious behavior. A judge then holds a hearing and decides whether to confiscate their weapons for a year, after which police agencies are able to renew the request. Although, this law has prove to be able to successfully remove firearms from potentially dangerous individuals, enforcement occurs on the city and county levels, with some places reporting not using it at all.

According to AP, the state average confiscations was one for every 5,500 residents, though the numbers vary widely per county.

Opponents of the law argue that it is unconstitutional and ineffective. In Highlands County, there were at least two instances where those who had their weapons confiscated died by suicide through other means.

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