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Florida Legislature Eyes Promising Gun Reform


Late last week, and for the fourth consecutive session, Florida state representative Carlos Smith (D-Orlando) introduced new legislation, HB 627, to restrict civilian purchases of military style assault weapons and large capacity magazines. In addition to the measure introduced in the State House, Senator Gary Farmer (D-Ft. Lauderdale) has confirmed that he will introduce a companion bill in the State Senate, SB 794, to bolster the support from both houses on gun control measures in the State.

Both representatives had strong reasoning to back the proposed legislation, as Rep. Smith stated:

"As Orlando and Parkland communities know all too well, easy access to weapons of war has destroyed the lives of innocent people and families"

Echoing that sentiment Sen. Farmer was quoted as saying:

“This legislation will save lives; we’ve known this for years. Doing nothing is simply unacceptable anymore."

This will not be an easy undertaking, several past legislative efforts have languished either in committee backlog or simply never been brought to one in the first place. Both Representatives feel cautiously optimistic due to high profile cases of gun violence over the weekend across the country.

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