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The NRA is Suing to Prevent a Florida Vote on Assault Weapons Ban


The NRA claims the term “assault weapon” is political rhetoric and, therefore, does not have merit as an issue that can be voted on. The Orlando Sentinel writes: The National Rifle Association doesn’t want you to vote on an assault weapons ban next year, so gun group’s lawyers are indulging in some word play.

They say the term “assault weapon” amounts to political rhetoric that doesn’t belong on the ballot or in the state constitution. Along with Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, they’re trying to make sure the citizens of Florida never get a chance to vote on the citizen-led amendment next fall.

Apparently, Opponents of the amendment prefer to win the argument in court, not at the ballot box.

The NRA is contending in written arguments to the state Supreme Court that the term assault weapon was “coined by anti-gun activists as a derogatory and pejorative term...”

Someone tell that to Gunbroker.com, an online site that lists assault rifles for sale. Or the gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch, which once advertised“The HK 91 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle...” Or Guns & Ammo magazine, whose July 1981 edition featured a story with the headline, “The New Breed of Assault Rifle.”

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