The Problem:

Ace Hardware is known for being the “helpful hardware folks” but recent events have shown there is a dangerous lack of oversight from Ace leadership when it comes to gun sales. Last year in Kenosha, WI, Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum had their lives cut short and Giage Grosskreutz was injured by a deranged Illinois resident who procured an AR-15 style rifle via a straw purchase from an out of state Ace location. This is but the most recent example of the confirmed instances of Ace employees having sold guns to straw purchasers, which have led to similarly horrific events. We believe protecting public safety is a core part of Ace’s values. By embracing new robust oversight policies on the sale of guns, we believe Ace can once again be a national role model on how to build a safety standard that would benefit the neighborhoods and communities they love and serve.

The Solution:

  • Not only have we just launched a national campaign to raise awareness of this issue, you can check out that campaign website here; We will be releasing more actions as the campaign progresses
  • We are also urging all of our supporters and citizens that believe in common sense gun reform to sign our petition demanding Ace leadership adopts new policies to safely and responsibly sell guns.

Ace’s corporate leadership has the power (and duty) to provide oversight to its stores to ensure the safe and legal handling and selling of firearms.

But right now, they're refusing to take that responsibility. Sign the petition Now to have your voice heard!

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